About Nichi


Born and brought up in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, Nichi attended Wakefield Girls’ High School and then the University of York where she studied English and Related literature, and specialised in feminist theory, literary censorship, neo-Platonism, and Petrarchan love poetry. After spending far too much time in the library, she graduated in 2006 with a First Class Honours degree. She then gained her NCTJ Magazine Journalism diploma from Harlow College and moved to London with a plan of hacking her way into literary journalism.

Following internships at the BBC, New Statesman, and the Erotic Review, Nichi soon realised that literary journalism was mostly about reviewing your well-heeled mates’ works. An impecunious Nichi was then invited into the sexual underworld and initiated into the sphere of professional domination. Having struck a Persephonoid pact, she used that money to support her journalism as she bargained with the media to pay her a living wage.

Following editorial stints at the Law Society and Standpoint magazine, Nichi became freelance in March 2012. She was one of the first British journalists to court-report via Twitter, covering the 2012 obscenity trial, R v Peacock.

Since then she has written regularly for the Guardian, the Telegraph, the Times, Sunday Times, Bustle, Men’s Health, Women’s Health and Ask Men, and was the Men’s Health Sexual Adventurer columnist for three years. She now also consults for dating organisations and pleasure product companies including JeJoue, Durex and The Inner Circle, as well as offering one-on-one dating and relationship coaching and advice.

She broadcasts regularly for BBC3 and Sky News, BBC Radio 2, 4 and 5 Live. Listen again to her BBC Radio 4 documentary, ‘Can porn be ethical?’ and her BBC World Service documentary, ‘Being Bisexual’ , for which she was short-listed for DIVA Journalist of the Year, are on iPlayer.

Her first book, Bound To You, an erotic memoir, is published by Hodder & Stoughton and was translated into three languages. Her second book, The Curious History of Dating: from Jane Austen to Tinder, is published by Little, Brown and forthcoming on Audible from 29 July 2018.


Nichi is represented by Lisa Moylett of Coombs Moylett literary agency.

For broadcasting, journalism, public speaking, consultancy or coaching opportunities, please email nichi@nichihodgson.com

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