Bound To You

Bound to You, an erotic memoir by Nichi Hodgson

Bound To You is Nichi’s first book, and an erotic memoir which explores the psychology of BDSM.

Filthier, funnier and more psychologically sophisticated than 50 Shades, it’s also (somewhat) true.

As well as delving into the realm of female submission, Bound To You takes a rare look at the relationship between the professional dominatrix and her male slaves:

“Over the course of the next weeks, Sapphire taught me everything she knew about domination. Or at least everything you could teach. It was clear that domming at its highest level was an art – the art of psychodrama and mindfuckery, far more cerebral than it was physical, and that it would take years to perfect. A good domme was part perverse sexual therapist, part human puppeteer”.
From Bound to You, Chapter 10


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