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Feminism, free speech and keeping your enemy in plain sight

If you’ve been thinking about feminism and free speech in the wake of the Julien Blanc debacle, I recommend you read Helen Lewis’ article for the Guardian on free speech and trolling. In it, she makes the little-mentioned point that … Continue reading

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On class and cat-calling

If you’re reading this, you may or may not have been brought via my exposition over on the F Word, about desire and feminist debate. If you haven’t seen it, you can read it here. Regardless, given that I was … Continue reading

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Before we lose the lads mags, let’s lose the campaign’s hypocrisy

If I had previously thought the Lose the Lads Mags campaign more misguided than myopic, I may have modified my opinion after it upped the ante yesterday; I feel like I’ve discovered just how inconsistent, unscientific and ideological is its … Continue reading

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Sure, put e-porn in its place – but don’t let all erotica suffer

So the Mail on Sunday took it upon itself to break yet another Horrors of Porn on the Internet story yesterday. Only, for a start, it wasn’t really breaking anything because as some sharp-eyed folk on Twitter pointed out to … Continue reading

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Please, Prime Minister, do your porn research

  David Cameron is using a legitimate crusade against child abuse images to infiltrate policy on adult content per se, while demonstrating that he doesn’t understand either what porn is, or how the internet works. On the Jeremy Vine show … Continue reading

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Sacking Saatchi wouldn’t have helped Nigella – and that’s not condoning his behaviour

Saturday evening, reviewing the papers on Sky News, and I found myself wondering if I’d come across as a domestic violence apologist. It shouldn’t happen to a gender equalitest, and as much as I might want to blame the fact … Continue reading

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In defence of intersectionality

The debate surrounding Suzanne Moore and Juliet Burchill’s views on transsexuality and its relation to feminism looks set to wage for a while longer. I’m not going to continue it here – not because I am abdicating moral responsibility, hedging … Continue reading

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No Gay Hurrah for Katie Price’s coming out

Me on Katie Price’s revelation that she is bisexual and enjoyed fucking ex-husband Alex Reid with a strap-on. Continue reading

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