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In search of the Crystal Crotch

In honour of the great man’s birthday, here’s the best thing I maybe ever wrote – all about him, first published several years in the Erotic Review: With his gloss-frosted lips, bat-wing shaded eyelids, and a five-inch high blond feather … Continue reading

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Help dress me!

So –  I usually use this blog to post occasional, additional tirades on all things sexual, legal, pedantic, and pervy. Before I make it a fully-fledged gossip slate, I’ve got a request. Are you or do you know of a … Continue reading

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On class and cat-calling

If you’re reading this, you may or may not have been brought via my exposition over on the F Word, about desire and feminist debate. If you haven’t seen it, you can read it here. Regardless, given that I was … Continue reading

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‘Card Declined’: how ATVOD want the banks to control your internet access

As if having the government make decisions about what content you can access online (re the forthcoming filtering proposals) wasn’t enough, soon, the banks may well be too. ATVOD, the body that regulates Video-on-Demand content in the UK (eg porn) … Continue reading

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More damaging than porn? The myths and assumptions of Daubney’s doc

I’ve just had a chance to catch up on Martin Daubey’s shockingly alarmist documentary, Porn on the Brain, which was broadcast on C4 on Monday (and can be watched again here) and could barely get to the end before I … Continue reading

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Ethical Porn unveiled

If you think I’ve been rather too quiet in the past few months, it’s not because I’ve been sunning myself in California (well, not ONLY), but because I’ve been doing some research for a new book, and working on several … Continue reading

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Porn and prejudice

If you didn’t catch last week’s Observer feature on the launch of a new academic journal called Porn Studies and the controversy it’s causing, it’s worth a read. Not only because of the way it highlights the polarisation of attitudes … Continue reading

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Banning porn is the irresponsible answer

I’m usually impervious to an “EU bans…” headline. Basically, because I think the EU is actually quite good at banning things that we are better off without, fish dumping and old-fashioned light bulbs, for example (and let’s face it, who could defend … Continue reading

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My sly Valentine

Happy belated Valentine’s Day! For someone whose working life consists of espousing the life erotic, you may be surprised to hear that I genuinely loathe the annual sentiment-and-spunk fest. This is purely on the basis that I’m not very much … Continue reading

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Free speech, feminism and trans politics: the will should be to respect

Re the transphobia Moore/Burchill debate: I wasn’t going to write about this topic again, mainly because it has already been covered eloquently and diversely by writers including Paris Lees, Laurie Penny and Brooke Magnanti to name but a few. But … Continue reading

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