Dating History

‘A new approach to romance… The heroines of Regency novels could teach today’s young women a trick or two’ Sunday Times

‘Anyone who has negotiated the thrills of the chase for romance will smile with recognition, sigh in sympathy while reading this entertaining and well-researched history’ The Lady

‘Hodgson covers a lot of ground in 234 pages – this is a pacey, intelligent and authoritative account with bags of wit’ The Law Gazette

‘Nichi Hodgson takes you on a whistle-stop tour of dating through history’ History Extra

How did the Georgians use fan language to get their flirt on?

Why were escaping knickers a common sight during WWII?

And is smell-testing really the future of our dating lives?

In this short, salacious, but proper history of how we’ve wooed, lost and won in love, find out what strategies have stood the test of time, and how the history of dating could help you find love now.

Available here in hardback, for Kindle or on Audible now.

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