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Should sex robots be banned? Debate with Dr Kathleen Richardson:

Sky News Sunrise

Nichi on Sky News (via YouTube):

BBC Radio 4 – Can Porn be Ethical?

Nichi’s seminal Made in Manchester documentary for BBC Radio 4, featuring interviews with JP Dubois, Clarissa Smith, Jessican Jensen and Mark Stephens.

Read the Guardian’s review.

BBC Radio 4 – Late-night Woman’s Hour: Lust, with Caitlin Moran

Why do we still need an International Women’s Day? Nichi on Sky News


Nichi interviewed by No More Pg 3′s Lucy-Ann Holmes on feminism and censorship:



Nichi speaking on BBC Three Free Speech about whether porn is bad for us:







Nichi on porn, women and social media interviewed by Martin Daubney for the Sun  (pictures by Sonja Horsman)







Laddism debate on Voice of Russia radio


Listen to Nichi debating laddism with former Loaded editor and Sun columnist Martin Daubney and Oxford academic Oliver Cox for Voice of Russia radio. Listen to the podcast here. 



Sky News




BBC Radio 




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