No Gay Hurrah for Katie Price’s coming out

Katie Price’s revelation last week, made while performing at Madame Jojo’s Trannyshack, that she is actually bisexual and enjoyed fucking ex-husband Alex Reid with a strap-on largely went unreported outside of the tabloid gossip columns. Even in the red tops the subtext was the same: Katie gets pissed and says crude things in Soho, so it’s not really a story if she admits to a penchant for muff.

That said, following the news, the gay press recoiled and LGBT rights campaigner and journalist Patrick Strudwick accosted her on Twitter to ask if she would now be campaigning for sexual equality herself. The implication was that Price could only count herself as a ‘real’ bisexual if she were out flying the Rainbow flag henceforth.

Price, it seems, adheres to the Gore Vidal school of sexuality: ‘there are no homosexual people, only acts’ – and her honesty about her own sex practices doesn’t compromise LGBT rights so much as highlight the fact that the dividing lines between gay and straight, kinky and vanilla and all those other desirable/undesirable binaries, are as simplistic as they are restrictive.

Human beings are ‘deviant’ by nature, their desire defined and regulated by social stricture as much as hormones. The real sexual ignorance in this instance then comes from the demands on Price to pick a label and live it out according to some Establishment definition of sexuality. Whether you’re straight, bi, spankoholic or delphinophilic it seems there’s always a ‘right’ way to be so. And Katie Price’s way isn’t it.

Who’s perpetuating sexual apartheid now?

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