An app that checks criminal records won’t make dating safer

Pretty Woman still successfully hawks the Cinderella fantasy

The science of what excites kinky people doesn’t end with armchair psychology



Lesbians know the secrets to the orgasms you aren’t having 

(23 August 2014) 




Politicians who make porn stars wear condoms ignore the real HIV fight

(27 June 2014)




Cheerleaders make the NFL’s billions. They deserve to be paid minimum wage

(28 March 2014)





In a World Where Upskirt Shots Are Legal, There Can’t Be Enough Anti-creep Laws

(6 March 2014)




Slut-shaming and the Duke porn star

(26 February 2014) 




“Porn filters won’t protect British children online, Mr Cameron” (January 2014) 




Why the Duke Porn Star Scandal is redefining sexual agency (6 March 2014)

From City AM

UK banks discuss plan to buy payments to video websites (October 11 2013)

From Index on Censorship

Will women benefit from fewer lads mags?

From the Guardian

We shouldn’t rush to define Tom Daley’s sexuality (2 December 2013)

Lusty Lady – World’s only unionised peep show facing closure (2 September 2013)

Fifty Shades of Theresa May – where the punishment fits the crime (10 October 2012)

Condom seizures from sex workers are undoing years of progress on HIV/Aids (20 July 2012)

Women raped while in the US military are denied abortions. End this now. (28 May 2012)

Fake gay weddings in Tokyo Disneyland are not a fairytale come true (18 May 2012)

The value of the Poppy Project

Rhubarb fools – force yourselves to Wakefield this weekend

Airing Rihanna’s video at 11.25am was wrong- as was glib dismissal of BDSM

Michael Peacock’s acquittal is a victory for sexual freedom

Why today’s panto prefers to see boys playing girls who play boys

The Patriarchy is dead…but the kyriarchy lives on

From New Statesman

Has JK Rowling betrayed women writers in her decision to publish as Robert Galbraith?

Censorship and over-simplification: the problems of the Lose the Lads Mags campaign

The Sun loves Page 3, but it can’t stand women on top

Using because I’m a man as an excuse for inevitable response to sexism is just plain sexist

Why Boris Johnson should step in to save London’s WorldPride parade

Housing benefit can be the route to social mobility

Kim Kardashian’s curves aren’t to blame for our problems

BBC plans will hijack and homogenise local radio

Trimingham’s loss is a victory for biphobia

Better porn with de Botton

The gays will not go away – reporting from Tokyo Rainbow Pride

The real abortion scandal? That two doctors must testify a woman’s sanity

From the Law Gazette

EU’s struggle with the law around pornography

Amend the Brothel laws now

From the Huffington Post

Seven signs you’re dating a narcissist

50 Shades of complexity

From Standpoint 

Dust-busting today’s gender myths

The Empress’ New Clothes: does fashion maketh woman? (Intelligence Squared debate)

Peter Andre? Blame Petrarch

Partit Gentil Geeks – or why Christian chivalry has been dead a while

Backing the Habit: life as a nun today

Is the North grim?

Book reviews:

‘London and the Fornicating ‘50s’: Capital Affairs by Frank Mort

‘Star-crossed purposes’: Simon May’s Love: A History and Lisa Appignanesi’s All About Love

The Observer

Obscenity law in doubt after jury acquits distributor of pornography

The F Word

Anonymous personal recollections of sexism in the media


Nichi Hodgson’s coverage of the Obscenity trial, R v Peacock

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